We love a good cup of coffee. So do you.

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We take our coffee seriously around here so sit back, relax and enjoy a cup with us!

A couple POIs...

We roast on Tuesdays so if you're in the area, stop by. We're on Main Street in Helena, Oklahoma. You can't miss us!

In order to provide you with the freshest coffee possible, we default to shipping after our next roasting. Orders placed before Tuesday noon will be shipped Wednesday.

Also, if you're local, you can find our coffee at Boehs Building Supply and Country Grocery in Helena. In Enid, 7th Ave is sold bulk and packaged at Jumbo Foods.

We provide coffee to restaurants, retail businesses, coffee shops and bakeries. Contact us for pricing.

We look forward to serving you!

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How We Roast

It’s actually simple. Burlap bags. Green coffee beans. A 1300# hunk of steel with a big fire in it. Two brothers with lots of enthusiasm. So we dump the green into the rotating drum (anywhere from 5-25#), adjust the fire accordingly, and monitor it for 12-15 minutes  until the beans have reached the perfect temperature (400-420 degrees depending on the coffee).

When the beans have reached the desired roast level they dump into the cooling bin until they’re back to room temperature. All that’s left is to bag, seal, and ship from our OK coffee roaster store. After that, you know what to do with ‘em.