Brewing Techniques

The information provided here is a result of our trial and error. Keep in mind that with coffee, nothing is set in stone. These are simply parameters to start with. Adjust the quantities and elements to your taste.

Here at our coffee roaster in Oklahoma, we not only want to provide high-quality beans, we also want to teach you how to achieve great taste through great techniques. If you’re used to typical coffee pot brewing, maybe it’s time to branch out and experiment. Below you’ll find education regarding brewing and other coffee related techniques.

Have fun and enjoy the craft and art of coffee.


French Press:

Probably one of the simplest ways to start brewing coffee and you can achieve amazing results.

#1 First, you’ll want to purchase whole beans, not anything already ground unless it has been ground for the French Press. You can have it ground for the French Press at certain locations but you typically have to purchase their coffee for them to grind it for you.

#2 Second, you’ll need a coffee grinder, which you can pick up at most home stores and large supermarkets. You’ll want to grind the beans to be somewhat course. So, if you’ve examined regular ground coffee for coffee pots that coffee is very fine. You want your grounds for the French Press to be courser than those, but not too course (avoid large pieces).

#3 Third, place the grounds in the French Press, depending on how much coffee you’re making. If you want to be really technical, pull out a small scale and weigh 20 grams of coffer per 300 grams of water. Or you can use a simple method of two tablespoons of grounds per cup you’re going to make. You can adjust this for less or more depending on the strength of coffee you desire.

#4 Fourth, boil your water on the stove or using an electric kettle. Let it set and cool slightly off boil. 205deg F. is the hottest you want contacting the grounds. Pour into your French press evenly to saturate all grounds. A quick measuring tip some use if you’re not going to fill it all the way up is to pour hot water into a mug and measure out the amount of cups you desire.

#5 Fifth, wait 30 seconds and then take a spoon to fold over the top of the water/ground mixture called the “bloom.”

#6 Sixth, place the lid on the French Press and let sit for 4 minutes. Use the plunger to push the grounds down and enjoy your delicious coffee!


Since the popularity of the Keurig brewing system has exploded across the nation, we thought we’d provide some tips on using our beans with your Keurig.

#1 First, you’ll want to purchase a single filter pod for your machine. You can find these at supermarkets and home goods stores.

#2 Second, you need to grind our beans to a fine grind, just like that of other coffee grounds used in regular coffee pots and such. You can grind it yourself with a coffee grinder purchased from a supermarket or home goods store as well (not expensive). Make sure it’s fine, otherwise your Keurig will hiccup water and grounds everywhere.

#3 Third, fill the single pod with your grounds, typically 1 or 2 tablespoons, depending on the strength of coffee you desire.

#4 Fourth, add your water and press the button to brew. Remember to dump the filter out and clean before your next use. Enjoy!

Regular Coffee Pot:

Your average coffee pot still inhabits most homes and offices. You can bring this to life with our beans and change your entire coffee drinking experience.

For the regular coffee pot, you’ll follow the same steps and technique as the Keurig (mentioned above), but you’ll do so on a greater scale, depending on the amount of cups you’re making.

Grind your beans finely, apply your filter to the machine, add the amount of grounds per cup (typically 1 or 2 tablespoons per cup), add the amount of water you need depending of amount of cups, and set the machine to brew.